ImagoRod Kochtitzky specializes in Imago Relationship Therapy because it works. Couples who attend workshops or participate in private counseling learn relationship-building skills that improve their central relationship - their marriage - and transfer into all areas of life, including work and career, family, friendships and community involvement. Couples strengthen their relationship by making a commitment to:

  • The partner - The "real" person with whom they have a love relationship.
  • The relationship - The commitment two individuals make to function together as a couple in a relationship of healing and growth.
  • The process - The tools couples can use to increase the level of safety in the relationship, which leads to true intimacy.


By using this process, couples learn to:

  • Understand why they and their partners initiate relationships.
  • Understand how they and their partners function in relationships.
  • Recognize the unconscious forces that attracted them to the relationship.
  • See their partners with greater compassion.
  • Identify the true sources of conflict in the relationship.
  • Break through the destructive cycle of relating so they can communicate constructively.
  • Focus their energy on maintaining passion and stability rather than on arguing.
  • Increase the sense of safety within the relationship.
  • Regain passion, fun, companionship, aliveness and hope for a shared future.
  • Manage intense negative emotions, such as anger, rage, jealousy and mistrust.
  • Recognize negative emotions and conflict as pathways to intimacy, closeness, healing and growth.


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