I really appreciated how you shared your own stories so we could better relate.  Your sense of humor and passion for this is great and made me feel very safe being here.  I also think (as you said) that this will work well (especially mirroring) in other relationships in my life, such as with my children and my employees.

Imago Premarital counseling: how not to set up for failure.


Belief affects perception which in turn shapes reality




Rod KochtitzkyAn experienced pastoral counselor and psychotherapist, Rod Kochtitzky (Kuh tit skee) has specialized in working with couples for more than 30 years. 

The Imago approach is designed to help couples of all faiths and those of no religious belief build lasting, mutually satisfying and rewarding relationships.

Rod was a Fellow of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.  He is a Certified Workshop Presenter and Advanced Clinician of Imago Relationship Therapy. 

Rod holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, and a Master's in Divinity from the General Theological Seminary in New York City. He completed his training in psychotherapy at the Institutes of Religion and Health in New York City and trained at the Institute of Relationship Therapy founded by Harville Hendrix.

Rod has served on boards of Attachment Parenting International, Imago Relationships International and Nashville Psychotherapy Institute.  He also has had an active leadership role in the international Imago movement.  Rod is a licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapist in both Maine (2023) and Tennessee (2005). 

With over 30 years experience working with couples, as a therapist and an ordained minister, he helps couples learn the skills that make the unconscious conscious, and thereby foster a deep, loving and long lasting  connection.



Getting The Love You Want

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The work Rod enables through his experience and teaching allows for the true purpose of a relationship to be identified: healing and growth.  We now have the tools to help each other be a more highly developed person.



I did not know what to expect but I was blown away with how the process works.  Rod made us feel normal and not ashamed that we had gotten stuck in our marriage. 



Considering marriage has been like standing on the bank of a wide river and watching so many couples drown and sink and waiting on my turn to jump and swim, and feeling a little helpless.  The tools and techniques we learned are a source of real hope that it can be done and can be done well.  I wish every couple could have this weekend.