What past participants say about Rod and the workshops he leads:


“Have the courage to take a chance to make a change in your life.”  Love this quote, we really enjoyed our time, thanks Rod!

"The work Rod enables through his experience and teaching allows for the true purpose of a relationship to be identified: healing and growth.  We now have the tools to help each other be a higher developed person."

"This workshop is a rich experience every couple would benefit from."

"An excellent weekend that would be helpful for any couple in any stage or state in their relationship.  Just do it!"

"Fantastic workshop"

"Our marriage was heading for divorce.  These skills have saved us from making an impulsive mistake."

"Rod, what really made me think of you was something that happened a while back that symbolizes to me the progress in our lives.  It brought me back to the first time we met with you, and you talked about this connection with our partners being the avenue for making the world a better a place....  We still do caring behaviors for one another, and we commonly say when we perceive a caring behavior, "that felt like love to me."  One day our daughter, came to me with a glass of water which I took, and she said after I started to drink, "Daddy, did that feel like love to you?"  This just reminded me that I am modeling something very different from the selfishness that I had gotten caught up in several years ago, and it is based in part on a skill that we learned from you.  Thank you for all your help and your role in healing our family."

"Rod's gift for imparting the material shows. His explanation of deeper reasons and meaning were wonderful. I liked Rod's willingness to share personal parts of his life's journey."

"The most practical workshop I've ever attended. I feel we can really use the things we've learned here."

"The best help for those of us who had lost hope."

"A great resource for jump starting a relationship."

"After 40 years, our marriage was near divorce. This workshop helped me experience my spouse in a very new way."

"Rod's excitement is contagious. His commitment to teaching this material is obvious. His honesty and love of life and relationships are appreciated."

"This was the best weekend we've spent in 20 years of marriage. Great!"

"All couples should have the opportunity to learn these concepts and skills to improve their relationship."

"We went through Imago training several years ago. It is a thrill to see how much this training has enriched and strengthened our relationship. I feel confident that this weekend training will boost-start our marriage growth in months and years to come."

"Very helpful and thought provoking – fully expect positive impact on our relationship. Definitely recommend for others."


"Every couple should take this class after the “Love drug” fades."

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

"This workshop has components of many of the things we tried before that worked to some degree but sits on the foundation of childhood imagery as what everything else can be built on."

"Imago unlocks the childhood emotions that have been unconsciously locked away"

"This is a great vehicle for re-discovering how fantastic your partner is."

"I only wish we had come 20 years ago."

"This weekend breathed new life in our relationship."

"Rod was an excellent instructor in helping us learn how knowledge of our past helps in healing our relationship today."

"It took us from a wrestling match to a more perfect match."

"Excellent workshop for any couple, especially at the first sign of frustration with each other – don’t wait go then!"

"Challenges couples to make a satisfactory relationship into a relationship of continuing/growing intimacy."

"It is too bad schools can’t/won’t teach this information. The divorce rate would plummet."

"Surprising at what surfaces."

"In 35 years of practice I have never been to a better workshop. It helped me personally, helped me in my marriage, and as a therapist."

"These are important concepts and skills that can enrich, deepen, and improve any relationship. Wish all couples had the opportunity to experience this."

"This was a great investment in our relationship. It helped us to break through some key barriers in our relationship."

"Deeply enriching experience for both of us."

"Lots of useful and helpful exercises."

"The value of our time learning this process will benefit us for the rest of our lives."

"Everyone can benefit from this workshop."

"Excellent course not only for couples with problems but for newlyweds or engaged couples as well."

"Incredible self and relational journey. It is significant to me to consciously put my relationship as a first priority in my life – I now see how I used “work” as an exit that hurt our sense of closeness and our commitment."

"We have a good foundation and tools to help us as problems may arise."