Introducing the Couple’s Workstation

The Couple’s Workstation is a membership website area designed for couples who are doing the kind of relationship work we teach and counsel here. If you are comfortable with computer and the Internet, this may be valuable for you.

What does the Couple’s Workstation do?

Our approach to couple’s therapy is to help couples understand the reasons for the conflicts that emerge and teach them how to utilize the healing qualities of committed love relationships. This involves learning how to analyze frustrations and create an action plan for healing old hurts and present conflicts. It also involves “building on the positive,” focusing on creating passion and romance and enjoyment.

To accomplish this we use a variety of forms and processes. Similar forms are on the Couple’s Workstation site. Once you enter the information, you will receive weekly email reminders about what is important to your partner and your partner will receive the same about you.

The Workstation will help your record and keep track of important things you learn in the therapy process.

How does it help?

What you will find as you work on your relationship is that what one Partner needs the most; the other cannot easily give without either facing an old fear or developing a new skill or ability. This is the “hard work” part of love. People tend to “forget” or “just not think of” these needed “growth challenges”. The Workstation’s reminder system will give you a gentle, private reminder each week about the behaviors that are important to your unique relationship.

How much does it cost?

A Free Trial Membership for one Month is available so you can experience and evaluate the Workstation. After that, the annual fee is $120 or you can also continue on a monthly basis ($15.00 per month) or a Quarterly Basis ($40.00 per Quarter) The website is not for every couple, but if you are at all comfortable with computer or want to learn, take advantage of the Free Trial Month.

How do I access the Website?

Go to and look for the Couple’s Workstation information. Once there you can “Take a Tour” of the site or you can Join as a Member or you can “Login” once you are a member.

Rod receives no remuneration from the Couple’s Workstation for sharing this with you.